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Introduction to Pseudo-Random Number Generators

Published on March 9, 2016. Random Numbers

Pseudo-random number gen­er­a­tors are an im­por­tant tool in Com­puter Sci­ence for a dif­ferent number of ap­pli­ca­tions. I re­cently pre­sented a little in­tro­duc­tion to the theory and the prac­tice of this very in­ter­esting field.

Embrace good typography on the Web

Published on January 9, 2016. Typography, LaTeX, Web

The modern web sup­ports beau­tiful graph­ics, re­spon­sive lay­outs, in­ter­ac­tiv­ity, even 3D graph­ics, but ty­pog­raphy usu­ally re­mains in the back­ground. With this site I wanted to ex­per­i­ment with the tools made avail­able by the latest HTML5 and CSS3 tech­nolo­gies to ob­tain print­-level ty­pog­raphy of my blog posts.

Hello Blog

Published on January 8, 2016. Thoughts

After a lot of time I have fi­nally man­aged to re­boot my web blog. Wel­come and enjoy the read­ing.