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Inside Clang and LLVM

Published on January 9, 2016. Clang, Compilers

The Italian C++ Com­mu­nity has pub­lished the record­ings of talks from the last meetup that took place on Oc­tober 24th in Rome, in­cluding my in­tro­duc­tory talk on the de­sign and im­ple­men­ta­tion of the Clang C++ com­piler.

I have al­ways been fas­ci­nated by the com­pilers world. My bach­elor thesis al­lowed me to ex­plore the in­ternal de­sign of the Clang C++ com­piler, and it was a de­lightful and en­light­ening ex­pe­ri­ence. Even if this is not my area of re­search it still drives a lot of my at­ten­tion, and I’m still fol­lowing the Clang project very closely. So when I met Marco Arena, the founder of the Italian C++ Com­mu­nity, at the last year’s Meeting C++ con­fer­ence, we de­cided that I had to give a talk about Clang at one of their mee­tups sooner or later.

And it hap­pened. I ac­tu­ally gave such talk at the last com­mu­nity meetup that took place in Rome on Oc­tober 24th. They re­cently pub­lished the record­ings of the talk which you can find em­bedded above (in ital­ian). It was a very in­tro­duc­tory talk, fo­cusing on the C++ fron­t-end with only a brief glance at the LLVM back­end. En­joy!