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Functional Programming talk at Meeting C++ now available

Published on January 26, 2016. Functional, Meeting C++

All the talks from the Meeting C++ 2015 con­fer­ence, which took place in Berlin last De­cem­ber, are being made avail­able in these days, in­cluding my talk about Func­tional Pro­gram­ming in C++.

Meeting C++ is one of the biggest C++ events of the year, for sure the biggest in Eu­rope, and I was re­ally sur­prised and ex­cited when my pro­posal for a talk got se­lected for the 2015 edi­tion of the con­fer­ence. Func­tional Pro­gram­ming is one of my biggest in­ter­ests in the Com­puter Sci­ence world but one may wonder what it has to do with C++ at all. After all, C++ is an ob­jec­t-ori­ented lan­guage, right? Well… yes but… not so much any­more.

In this talk I tried to show what it means to write func­tional style C++ code, what the lan­guage has to of­fer, ex­pe­cially in the last C++14 ver­sion of the stan­dard, and what ad­van­tages can be gained by adopting this style.

The talk has re­ceived mixed ac­cep­tance from the au­di­ence. I re­ceived a number of good com­ments but also a few crit­i­cisms, mainly for the time man­age­ment of the talk. As you can see watching the video, I couldn’t present half of my slides! The reason was that, un­for­tu­nately, I got a cold ex­actly the evening be­fore the talk, so I spoke much slower than needed. I also made the error to ac­cept too much ques­tions – or to ac­cept them at all – in the middle of the talk, spending too much time an­swer­ing. That said, the re­sult does not seem so bad, but there are a few lessons here to learn for me as a pre­sen­ter.

How­ever, people paid a lot to at­tend the con­fer­ence, and I put a lot of ef­fort putting to­gether the ma­te­rial for the talk, so I plan to write a se­ries of blog posts to present the ma­te­rial that was left off and to ex­tend what has al­ready been said. The first post is ex­pected in a couple of weeks.

In the mean­time, go down­loading Boost­.Hana and Ranges v3, enjoy the video, and please com­ment below to let me know your opin­ion!